Anywhere Online Jobs is a versatile website, designed from my website to your website, to the website of the one you meet. You can connect right on out to the next person, and even around the world. Just think of all the 3 plus billion people on the world wide web.


It could be you or someone in a far off place like the Canary Islands, Canada, Great Britain, Poland or right here in the USA. These are just some of the places, from where contact has been made with me from someone’s website far away. He or she has chosen to follow me from my website. My being online and being a part of the community team with Wealthy Affiliate is awesome!



Upon joining, I was welcomed into the community by the ones who have joined before and after me. They are people who have reviewed my website.  I, in turn, follow their progress and provide help to my followers and I offer help anywhere… anytime… online…



A person in another time zone far away will contact my website, say, while I am sleeping. It will be on my Wealthy Affiliate account after I have awakened.



We all learn from each other within the Wealthy Affiliate community. We also learn from our great support team, whose members are available 24/7. Our awesome founders of Wealthy Affiliate since 2005 are available to us online and in the Wealthy Affiliate tutorials.


Choosing a niche is to share a particular interest with your audience of visitors or, a group of people, to your website with a particular interest . My niche is to promote Wealthy Affiliate for affiliate marketing training with your free start membership and a free website.



Just click on one of the Amazon ads, where it says “Ads by Amazon”, under the beginning of my website above where it says “Anywhere Online Jobs… FreeLance Communicating”.


You will be able to go directly into the website, to purchase that particular product. You can choose a department on the Amazon strip and type in anything you may be looking. You may just want to browse while you’re logged in to



You can place your order from your Amazon account on my website, or even set up a new account. I will receive commissions from your orders, just as you will receive commissions, when your visitors place orders from you.



You will receive commissions from Amazon for anything anyone orders from you on your website. By being genuinely available, to help others, and dedicated in your efforts to build your own business, one day at a time, your commissions from Wealthy Affiliate and Amazon will naturally begin to flow.



You will also be amazed at your progress of building your own fully functioning website out on the world wide web to be rated and indexed by Google, Yahoo, and Bing.